Monday, June 4, 2012

Roger Dialogue Animation

Roger dialogue animation. Animated this short for a Animation and Art School Goa for student demo.

Also the Making of -



  1. Awesome stuff bro! Really love this shot! It works on a number of levels! Great acting and character progression. You might wanna delay the last overlap of the head in the end of the first shot. It seems too fast now, and thus looks a little jerky. :)

    Checked out your 'Making of' post too. Some really interesting pointers there. And btw I couldn't help but LMAO at the video reference! :P

    How come you never shot yourself falling down? I would have loved to see that! Hehe!

  2. Thanks a lot bro. Ill keep that overlap in mind. Man i hate that video reference. I was like a tied up flour sack . And bugger how cruel :D