Sunday, March 7, 2010

Igor Galvinski Design sheet

Igor galvinski- On the outer fields of russia , on a small hill top lives A russian dumb lab assistant with neurological disorder . His master dies in a tragic experiment .He cant leave his lab as it is the only world he knows.He believes that he can revive is master if he can get the experiment machine running again. Problem is the whole lab is run out of electricity .So he builds a hand made machine just packed with electrodes,tin cans,wine bottle...etc.. and he sets off to collect electricity from the lightning itself with his only friend a rat called lupinksi inside his pocket. Can he really revive his master? or does he end up getting trapped in his insanity ? or does he wind up creating something new?



  1. dude..nice one man.. luved the dumbness in him..!:)

  2. hey, good one! one thing, if you plan to develop the rat character more, a new name would be great. lupinski is good, but the word lupin relates to wolves. so a name related to rodents would be awesome!

    i loved the electricity producing gadget! nice details!

  3. thanks chandu. And thanks for the info on lupin. Didnt know about that :)